False Positives:
Is 2005 the "Year of JavaScript"?
False Positives has a new post today that asks the question - "Is 2005 the 'Year of Javascript'?"

First AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) made it possible to build much more dynamic web application. , then GreaseMonkey made it possible to do custom re-writing on web sites (and prototyping concepts / extensions), now Konfabulator / Yahoo! Widgets brings widgets to the desktop/TvTop/PhoneTop.

Now - in the spirit of CPAN - there is JSAN: JavaScript Archive Network is a comprehensive resource for Open Source JavaScript libraries and software, via O'Reilly Radar (with some other interesting stuff). JavaScript has grown in it's visibility this year, and is more respectable than ever before.

Before now, a lot of the improvements have come with the backend of things, PHP and the like providing us with more server-side functionality and more power to get/move/shake/etc our data. But I think he's right - I think that 2005 might just be the year of Javascript.

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