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Terry Chay on Remote Scripting (Ajax)
On Chris Shiflett's blog today, he has information posted about a talk that was given at OSCON this year from Terry Chay on Remote Scripting/Ajax.

If you missed Terry Chay's OSCON talk this year, you're in luck - he has made the talk temporarily available from his web site. Because Brain Bulb has plenty of bandwidth and disk space, I offered to host the video there, so that it has a permanent home: (104.8MB).

The video is great - it's really almost as good as seeing the talk live, because you get to see Terry speaking as well as his slides (the slides are shown every time there is a transition or some of Terry's famous Keynote magic happening).

The idea behind the talk was to show what "remote scripting" is (such as Ajax), what we can gain from it, and a case study on how Plaxo used it to create a dyanmic PIM...

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